Coming soon DECONSTRUCTED is a part thriller, part action comic, set in the near future. It follows the struggles of Sophie, the new assistant mechanic aboard the Evangeline.

'When The Machine Breaks Down...'

DECONSTRUCTED Comic is created by Den Patrick & Chris Christison ©.

Friday, 16 October 2009


Bio: Ament, the Chief Mechanic aboard the Evangeline. Ament is of Russian stock and plays on that 'Great Bear' archetype. He is a man of few words, a little surly and not to be trifled with. In fact, he hates trifle. Being in his late thirties Ament has been around the block, at one time serving with the Los Perdidos Combine Militia, but in a support role. It was here he developed his love of spacecraft whilst servicing drop ships. He was also the regimental boxing champ, as you can probably tell from looking at him.

Service Record: Ament has known Captain Janowicz for five years, and as such is a trusted member of the crew. He'd like to retire, but the fact of the matter is, he wouldn't know what to do if he lived planetside full time.

Origins: Ament is actually half American, something he neglects to tell people. His parents settled on Los Perdidos during the First Earth Exodus.

Distinguishing features: Ament has blue eyes, is built like a house, and has a huge mustache.
Effects: Black bandana, dog tags, tool belt.
Languages: English (rusty), Russian.
Height: 5'11"

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