Coming soon DECONSTRUCTED is a part thriller, part action comic, set in the near future. It follows the struggles of Sophie, the new assistant mechanic aboard the Evangeline.

'When The Machine Breaks Down...'

DECONSTRUCTED Comic is created by Den Patrick & Chris Christison ©.

Friday, 16 October 2009


Bio: Nakamura is the wunderkind of the Evangeline. He is the Science Officer, but also has an aptitude for navigation and is a reasonable pilot. He is amiable, if a little quiet, and is often found in the lab peering into his microscope or reading the latest edition of The Scientific Life.

Service Record: Nakamura has served aboard the Evangeline for just over a year and is looking 'for a few more years experience, before I go planetside full time'.

Origins: Nakamura is of Japanese extraction. His parents moved to Russia just before the First Earth Exodus. He is in his mid-twenties and speaks fluent English. He never bothered with Russian as he resented leaving Japan.

Distinguishing features: Nakamura has perfect teeth, and is very popular with women.
Effects: He carries his RiteBord © everywhere, and is never with out his lab coat.
Languages: English, Japanese.
Height: 5'9"

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