Coming soon DECONSTRUCTED is a part thriller, part action comic, set in the near future. It follows the struggles of Sophie, the new assistant mechanic aboard the Evangeline.

'When The Machine Breaks Down...'

DECONSTRUCTED Comic is created by Den Patrick & Chris Christison ©.

Friday, 23 October 2009


Bio: Varenkov is half Russian, half English. He is in his mid-forties and has blue eyes and white hair and a short beard. He reads military history and has a filthy sense of humour. Varenkov is the Security Specialist, he protects the crew from external threats, and each other. His primary objective is to keep the Captain alive.

Service Record: Varenkov has served on the Evangeline for seven years.

Origins: Originally from Moscow, Varenkov moved to London to be with his mother. He served in the army, before becoming a ‘freelance security consultant’. During the First Earth Exodus he threw in his lot with Los Perdidos Combine.

Distinguishing features: Receding white hair, short beard.
Effects: Reading glasses, chunky analogue watch.
Languages: Russian, English
Height: 5’ 9”

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