Coming soon DECONSTRUCTED is a part thriller, part action comic, set in the near future. It follows the struggles of Sophie, the new assistant mechanic aboard the Evangeline.

'When The Machine Breaks Down...'

DECONSTRUCTED Comic is created by Den Patrick & Chris Christison ©.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009


Bio: Janowicz is in his late fifties and is the owner and Captain of the Evangeline. He left during the First Earth Exodus and put a down payment on the Evangeline with a sizable inheritance. Despite this money he is heavily in debt. At various times in his life he has been a drop ship pilot, a trucker and worked in construction.

Origins: Janowicz refers to himself as an American despite living on Los Perdidos for twenty-five years. He was born in Texas to a long line of soldiers and airmen.

Service Record: Janowicz has owned the Evangeline for eleven years now.

Distinguishing features: Longish grey hair and beard, attractive. Large scar over the back of his hand.
Effects: Wears his wedding ring on a cord around his neck.
Languages: English, Russian (little).
Height: 6’1”

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