Coming soon DECONSTRUCTED is a part thriller, part action comic, set in the near future. It follows the struggles of Sophie, the new assistant mechanic aboard the Evangeline.

'When The Machine Breaks Down...'

DECONSTRUCTED Comic is created by Den Patrick & Chris Christison ©.

Monday, 27 September 2010


When I started out with DECONSTRUCTED I literally just had the single image of a girl trying to fix her crawler in vast, bleak, snowy wastes. It was one of those steep angled shots that film directors are so enamoured with, and so am I it would seem. DECONSTRUCTED is definitely indebted to a few films and comics, and I’d like to take the time to mention them here:

Solaris (2002) is a beautiful, meditative film full of flashbacks – much like DECONSTRUCTED. Only now (literally, as I’m writing this, nearly a year after I first put pen to paper) do I see how the narrative structure really fed into what I wanted to do with Sophie and the crew of The Evangeline.

This film really does deserve to be seen on a large screen and looks amazing. The art direction cleverly plays out the scenes on Earth (mostly flashbacks) in warm oranges and deep browns, whilst the current day is played out against the pale blue light of the space station. It is this colour differential that underpins the film’s ambience – that nostalgia is usually dark but warm, whilst the present is stark and cold. Cliff Martinez provides a score as gently soporific as the visuals but keeps a line of tension through the electronics to avoid drowsing off altogether.

I’m not sure I’ve seen a Science Fiction film capture a sense of yearning and regret quite like Solaris, which makes it perfect fit for DECONSTRUCTED.

Tune in for more influences next week.

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  1. Solaris is a hardcore science fiction film. Sci-fi films are largely action/sci-fi hybrids. It's almost impossible not to make a sci-fi film with out exploding ships, aliens, and er, well... ray guys! I love all that stuff and couldn't make a film without them.
    They pulled away, and away from that when making it.
    There was a scene meant to highlight how clooney's wife wasn't human that showed her ripping an bulkhead door apart it was filmed and cut from the final film because they were trying to do something different. (The mangled door can be seen in a fever dream of Clooney's at one point)

    A very brave film.