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Monday, 18 October 2010

Back To BICS

It was rather ambitious now, looking back at it. I was stood in the main hall at BICS in 2009 thinking, ‘I’d like to have a stall, I want to sell comics to people, I’d like to have as much merch as Fetishman. And I’m gonna do it for next year!’

And so I went home and started outlining a plot on the couch. That turned into me writing the first issue during lunch breaks. Then the second issue popped out and so on. Of course, scripts aren’t very interesting reading, so I had to persuade artists to give me their precious time. For free. And they did.

Artists like Chris Christison, Shannon Gallant, Barry Spiers, Andie Tong and the designer Julian Parry. I felt incredibly blessed.

But here’s the thing – comics take time. Taking a brand spanking new project from soup to nuts (even if the nuts are just issue #1) takes ages. You have to write the thing, agree concept designs for the characters, for the environments, for the vehicles. There are corrections when things don’t quite go right and the biggest killer is, of course, the day job.

People have day jobs. They are busy, they are frequently beaten down, and they occasionally would rather not pick up a pencil as soon as their shift is over. They also want to socialise and play Halo (Christian!).

Mathematically you say, ‘OK, 22 pages, that’s less than a page a week over a year’, but it’s still a massive undertaking. And that’s before you get the pencils inked, or even think about colouring the project.

So, am I a little deflated? Well, yes. But then I go back to BICS and have lovely people like the Etherington Brothers asking me how it’s going, and how they like the characters. Abby Rider (Manchester’s very own font of comics enthusiasm) tells me how great the blog is… and it all seems worthwhile because theses guys knows it takes ages and they’re encouraging us and willing us on to make a finished comic.

And it makes it all worthwhile.

So thank you BICS for being inspiring, and continuing to inspire and giving me the opportunity to meet my peers and heroes. And buy Fetishman comics, of course.

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